Concept, Design and Execution
860 sqm


KUUB designs next level gym in Amsterdam

Unlock is situated on the ground floor of the newly built Our Domain, Amsterdam Holendrecht. The gym, that breathes the energy of a trendy New York district, has a light and spacious atmosphere and a lot to discover.

You are welcomed at the lobby by an mirror volume. To the left and the right there are two glass boxes where you can attend Yoga and Boxing classes. In the mirror box you can find the showers, toilets and changing rooms.

KUUB has used the raw and open character of the concrete hull to the fullest. There is a fine balance between the brutal concrete and the more refined interior. There is also a fine spatial balance: at the same time different zones are articulated and connected. For instance boxing group lessons take place in a glass box under an illuminated ceiling.

The outside park continues inside in two interior gardens and a huge green wall in the power area.

With a typical blend of architectural-interior features KUUB created the perfect visual and physical environment for the next level experience Unlock.