Precinct 5

Precinct 5, Kalvertoren Amsterdam
Shop Concept, Design, Execution in collaboration with Carbon Studio
350 sqm
Photography: Marcel van der Burg


With the assignment to design a high end fashion store for a limited budget KUUB, in collaboration with Pieter Kool, created an interior identity ready to roll out for the Amsterdam based Precinct 5.
In less than 5 weeks a former police station was transformed using solely concrete, steel, glass and paint.
Revealing the constructive characteristics of the former precinct and adding the raw funk of anthracite concrete the conditions were set for the black steel furniture to outperform in an almost industrial cathedral of fashion.
To match the time and budgetary restrictions, modular elements were the key to achieve a floor filling furniture concept.
The ‘KUBE’ is a stretched cubical element with connection points at strategic points in order to form furniture.
The KUBES can be assembled in 3 dimensions to create sculptural volumes as well as a cash desk, a staircase, hanging connected cupboards and exhibition cases.
The graphic layout of the black steel tubes symbolises the backbone of the Precinct 5 identity. Having their roots in street wear and nightlife P5 describes their style as Squat Chique. Being located in a former police station at one of the most wanted spots in Amsterdam they took rebellious position between international brands as H&M, Replay and Mango.
KUUB aims for a total blend of shop & Brand disregarding the habit of polished compromises.
Their notion that identity has to be revealed and the chique street mentality of Precinct 5 resulted in an underground penthouse for fashion freaks in Amsterdam city centre.
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